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​​Half Hour Trial Flight.


One Hour Trial Flight.


Millennium Dome Flight.

(Only available during closure of London City Airport on Saturday.) 


One Day Course.

Includes two flights of about 80 minutes each (to the Isle of White and back.) It will include Syllabus exercises 1-2-3, The instructor will answer any questions about the NPPL. The one day course will also include free log book if the student joins the NPPL course. 


One Day Tour and Training.

Price depends on chosen destination in UK or abroad, Hours can vary from 4 to 6 hours hours flying. 

Tour & Training Abroad. 

Price depending on chosen destination and duration of the tour. Usually the tours last between three and seven days, flying usually 4 hours per flying day. The tour and training courses are suitable for student pilots who already have experience to expand their knowledge on navigation skills. 

Training and Package Rates.


School Aircraft Pipistrel Alpha Trainer £185 per hour​.

Package course minimum 5 Hours (£10 discount per hour.)


Solo supervision in school aircraft £185.00 per hour.


Own aircraft dual £80.00 per hour,


Own aircraft solo £80.00 per hour. 


GST (General Skill Test),  including Technical oral exam Part 2, £150.


Written Exams. £60 each.


Ground school, £40 per hour. 

We accept card payments at the airfield.

Terms And Conditions.

• Vouchers are non refundable.

• The voucher will expire on the date stated on the voucher.

• VoliAmo retains the right to cancel this voucher at any time without notice. 

If Voliamo cancels the voucher, a full refund will be provided to the voucher holder.

• The person named to fly on the day must not be under the influence of Alcohol or drugs.

• The voucher holder must be medically fit to fly, weigh not more than 14.5 Stone and be no taller than 6.2 feet.

• Please note that Microlighting is a fun experience but there is, as with all things, a level of risk involved.

• There are certain elements out of our control such as changable weather conditions.

• Once a booking is made it is the customers responsibility to reconfirm the flight the day before the booking date with Voliamo to check if the wether is suitable to fly. if the weather is unsuitable you can re-book for another date at no extra cost.

• If you are unable to agree with the tems and conditions stared above please contact Voliamo Flying School as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to fly and/or receiving a refund.

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